About Elizapesi

Elizapesi was born in Tonga but moved to New Zealand at the age 16. Elizapesi then worked in numerous administration roles and had her children. She lives with her husband in Auckland and is very proud of her sons.  Elizapesi obtained a certificate in pattern making and garment assembly from Auckland University of Technology. She graduated with a degree in Fashion Technology at Auckland University of Technology in 2004. From 2010 to 2017 she had a shop in Parnell called Elizapesi where she sold fashion garments and provided designing and sewing classes. She now sells garments and sewing classes online.

Beautiful handmade garments and expert tuition.

I first met Elizapesi with my daughter in law. I had bought a voucher to attend a class as a Birthday gift and whilst I had some sewing knowledge, I learnt some new skills that night. My daughter in law was thrilled. As a novice sewer Elizapesi’s teaching skills and clear instructions meant that my daughter in law left with a skirt and she couldn’t have been happier.

Attending that class whetted my appetite. Although I attended dress making classes at school I am mostly self-taught and was never truly satisfied with my results using commercial patterns. I began attending one-on-one lessens with Elizapesi learning about pattern drafting and making clothes under Elizapesi’s tuition. I have become a lot more confident with dressmaking and was pleased to be able to help my daughter with a request, “can you turn this skirt into a dress?” By using the skills learnt, I drafted a bodice and made the dress. My dressmaking journey continues and I will be booking in for more lessons.

I would recommend Elizapesi School of Fashion for anyone who wishes to further their dressmaking skills.

JudithHappy Customer

The friendly lady teaching me sewing. It was wonderful experience for me. I would like to recommend you if you like sewing!

Wakaba IwasakiHappy Customer

Elizabeth from Elisapesi has been making beautiful day dresses for me for well over 12 years. Her attention to detail is amazing and her sewing skills are immaculate. She puts cotton lining in all my dresses and I love them so much, I have had her make me more than ten of the same dress. She has even had to alter the sample for my figure that has got bigger over the years, and she measures me and the dress ends up fitting me perfectly.

Elizabeth, thank you for skill and talent in an industry that is getting lost and forgotten. You should be teaching others this skill so it can be handed down. I look forward to seeing you for my next cute little frock you will make for me.

LauraHappy Customer

A couple of friends and I took a sewing class here for 4 weekly sessions. Clothes that were hung in the shop were beautiful and the owner very friendly.

Hayley K SmithHappy Customer

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